Travel Prayers

Rest During the Flight in Egypt, Gentile da Fabriano, 1423

Rest During the Flight in Egypt, Gentile da Fabriano, 1423

To God Almighty



In the name of God I go on this journey. May God the Father be with me, God the Son protect me, and God the Holy Ghost be by my side. Amen.



O Almighty and merciful God, who hast commissioned Thy angels to guide and protect us, command them to be our assiduous companions from our setting out until our return; to clothe us with their invisible protection; to keep from us all danger of collision, of fire, of explosion, of fall and bruises, and finally, having preserved us from all evil, and especially from sin, to guide us to our heavenly home. Through Jesus Christ, our Lord. Amen.



Lord, be our guide and our protector on the journey we are about to take. Watch over us. Protect us from accidents. Keep us free from harm to body and soul. Lord, support us with Your grace when we are tired. Help us be patient in any trouble which may come our way. Keep us always mindful of Your presence and love. Amen.


Hear, O Lord, the prayers of Thy servants. Bless their journeyings. Thou Who art everywhere present, shower everywhere upon them the effects of Thy mercy; so that, insured by Thy protection against all dangers, they may return to offer Thee their thanksgiving. Through Christ our Lord. Amen.


Exodus 13.21:

And the Lord went before them to shew the way by day in a pillar of a cloud, and by night in a pillar of fire: that he might be the guide of their journey at both times.
Dominus autem praecedebat eos ad ostendendam viam per diem in columna nubis, et per noctem in columna ignis : ut dux esset itineris utroque tempore.


Psalm 120.7-8:

The Lord keepeth thee from all evil: may the Lord keep thy soul. May the Lord keep thy coming in and thy going out; from henceforth now and for ever.
Dominus custodit te ab omni malo; custodiat animam tuam Dominus. Dominus custodiat introitum tuum et exitum tuum, ex hoc nunc et usque in saeculum.


Proverbs 3.5-6:

Have confidence in the Lord with all thy heart, and lean not upon thy own prudence. In all thy ways think on him, and he will direct thy steps.
Habe fiduciam in Domino ex toto corde tuo, et ne innitaris prudentiae tuae. In omnibus viis tuis cogita illum, et ipse diriget gressus tuos.

Scenes from the Life of Saint Francis, Fresco (Scene 7, South Wall) Apsidal Chapel, San Francisco, Montefalco, 1452

Scenes from the Life of Saint Francis, Fresco (Scene 7, South Wall) Apsidal Chapel, San Francisco, Montefalco, 1452

From the Itinerarium

The Itinerarium is a prayer from the Roman Breviary for those who are about to make a journey. The full prayer in Latin and English is at


Into the way of peace and prosperity, may the almighty and merciful Lord lead us and may the Angel Raphael be with us along the way, that we may come to our home again in peace, and health, and gladness.

In viam pacis et prosperitatis dirigat nos omnipotens et misericors Dominus: et Angelus Raphael comitetur nobiscum in via, ut cum pace, salute et gaudio revertamur ad propria.


O God, Who did cause the children of Israel to traverse the Red Sea dryshod; Thou Who did point out by a star to the Magi the road that led them to Thee; grant us we beseech Thee, a prosperous journey and propitious weather; so that, under the guidance of Thy holy angels we may safely reach that journey's end, and later the haven of eternal salvation.

An alternative translation

O God, who madest the children of Israel to walk with dry feet through the midst of the sea, and who didst open unto the three wise men, by the guiding of a star, the way that led unto Thee, grant us good speed, and quietness: may thy holy Angel accompany us during our pilgrimage and in the end, may we attain the haven of eternal salvation.

Deus, qui filios Israel per maris medium sicco vestigio ire fecisti, quique tribus Magis iter ad te stella duce pandisti, tribue nobis quaesumus iter prosperum tempusque tranquillum: ut, Angelo tuo sancto comite, ad eum quo pergimus locum, ac demum ad aeternae salutis portum pervenire feliciter valeamus.


O God, who didst call Thy servant Abraham out of Ur of the Chaldees, and didst keep him from evil through all the ways of his pilgrimage, we beseech Thee, that it may please Thee to keep us Thy servants. Be Thou unto us, O Lord, a help when we go forward, a comfort by the way, a shadow from the heat, a covering from the rain and the cold, a chariot in weariness, a refuge in trouble, a staff in slippery paths, a haven in shipwreck Do Thou lead us, that we may happily come thither where we would be, and thereafter come again safe unto our own home.

Deus, qui Abraham puerum tuum, de Ur Chaldaeorum eductum, per omnes suae peregrinationis vias illaesum custodisti: quaesumus, ut nos famulos tuos custodire digneris: esto nobis Domine in procinctu suffragium, in via solatium, in aestu umbraculum, in pluvia et frigore tegumentum, in lassitudine vehiculum, in adversitate praesidium, in lubrico baculus, in naufragio portus: ut, te duce, quo tendimus prospere perveniamus, et demum incolumes ad propria redeamus.


Graciously hear our supplications, O Lord, we beseech Thee, and order the goings of Thy servants in the safe path that leadeth unto salvation in Thee, that amidst all the manifold changes of this life's pilgrimage, Thy shield may never cease from us.

Adesto, quaesumus Domine, supplicationibus nostris: et viam famulorum tuorum in salutis tuae prosperitate dispone: ut inter omnes viae et vitae huius varietates tuo semper protegamur auxilio.


V. Let us proceed in peace.

R. In the name of the Lord. Amen.

V.  Procedamus in pace.

R.  In nomine Domini. Amen.

The Flight into Egypt,  Vittore Carpaccio, c.1515

The Flight into Egypt,  Vittore Carpaccio, c.1515

To the Virgin Mary



Blessed Mary - Queen of Angels 

Protect us on our journey
for all your ways are beautiful
and all your paths are peace.



You are the star of ocean - Pilot us at sea

You are the star of earth - Guide us on the shore
You are the star of night - Enlighten us in darkness
You are the sun of day - Encompass us on land
You are the star of angels - Watch over us on earth
You are the star of paradise - Companion us to Heaven

To Saint Joseph


O Blessed St. Joseph, who did accompany Jesus and Mary in all their journeys, and who has therefore merited to be called the patron of all travellers, accompany us in this journey that we are about to undertake. Be our guide and our protector; watch over us; preserve us from all accidents and dangers to soul and body; support us in our fatigue, and aid us to sanctify it by offering it to God. Make us ever mindful that we are strangers, sojourners here below; that heaven is our true home; and help us to persevere on the straight road that leads there. We beseech thee especially to protect and aid us in the last great voyage from time to eternity, so that, under thy guidance we may reach the realm of happiness and glory, there to repose eternally with thee in the company of Jesus and Mary. Amen.

To Almighty God, and St Raphael the Archangel



O God, you sent the blessed Archangel Raphael to accompany your servant Tobias on his journey.  Grant that we, your servants, may also be guarded by him always and strengthened by his assistance.  We ask this through Christ, Our Lord.  Amen.



May the almighty and merciful God direct us in the way of peace and prosperity; and may the Angel Raphael accompany us in our journey, that we may return to our home with joy, in peace, safety and good health. Give ear, O Lord, to our supplications, and favourably direct your servants in the way of your salvation; that amidst all the changes of this our life and pilgrimage, we may ever be protected by your help. Amen.

V. Let us go forth in peace. 

R. In the name of the Lord.


In the way of peace direct us, O Lord. 

We praise and venerate, All the heavenly princes, But especially Raphael, Faithful physician, And companion true, Who with Heaven's power, Bindeth fast the demon.

V. God hath given His Angels charge over thee.

R. To keep thee in all thy ways. 

O God, who didst give the blessed Archangel Raphael unto Thy servant Tobias to be his fellow-traveller; grant unto us, Thy servants, that the same may ever keep us and shield us, help us and defend us. Through Christ Our Lord. Amen.

Let us go forward in peace, In the name of the Lord. Amen.

In viam pacis dirige nos, Domine.

Collaudamus venerantes, Omnes caeli principes, Sed praecipue fidelem, Medicum et comitem, Raphaelem in virtute, Alligantem daemonem.

V. Angelis suis Deus mandavit de te.

R. Ut custodiant te in omnibus viis tuis.

Deus, qui beatum Raphaelem Archangelum Tobiae famulo tuo comitem dedisti in via: concede nobis famulis tuis ut eiusdem semper protegamur custodia et muniamur auxilio. Per Christum Dominum nostrum. Amen.

Procedamus in pace, In nomine Domini. Amen.


To Saint Raphael the Archangel



Glorious Archangel St. Raphael, great prince of the heavenly court, you are illustrious for your gifts of wisdom and grace. You are a guide of those who journey by land or sea or air, consoler of the afflicted, and refuge of sinners. I beg you, assist me in all my needs and in all the sufferings of this life, as once you helped the young Tobias on his travels. Because you are the "medicine of God," I humbly pray you to heal the many infirmities of my soul and the ills that afflict my body. I especially ask of you the favour of (here name your favour), and the great grace of purity to prepare me to be the temple of the Holy Spirit. 


To Our Guardian Angel



My holy Angel Guardian, ask the Lord to bless the journey which I undertake, that it may profit the health of my soul and body; that I may reach its end, and that, returning safe and sound, I may find my family in good health. Do thou guard, guide and preserve us. Amen.

Tobias and the Angel, Titian, c. 1543
Tobias and the Angel, Titian, c. 1543

To Saint Christopher

Saint Christopher (3rd Century) was martyred in Lycia in Asia Minor in 250, during the persecution of the Roman Emperor, Trajan Decius. His name means Christ-bearer and his feast-day is celebrated on July 25th.

The most popular image of St. Christopher depicts him as a huge, bearded man, carrying the Christ-Child on his shoulders as he wades across a river. The Child Jesus is holding the world in His hands like a ball. Christopher’s real name was Reprobus and he was a giant of a man. In searching for Christ a hermit advised him to build a hut near a river that flooded dangerously and to use his great strength and stature to assist travellers cross to the other side. One day he heard a child’s voice asking for help to cross the river. Reprobus put the child on his shoulders and began to wade through the rapidly rising water. But the further he went into the river, the heavier the child became. It was only with great effort that he managed to reach the opposite shore. There the child revealed his true identity as Jesus. The weight that Reprobus (now Christopher) had been carrying was that of the whole world, saved by the blood of Christ. 

This episode, recorded in the Legenda aurea ('Golden Legend', hagiographies of Jacobus de Voragine, c. 1275), has made Saint Christopher patron of boatmen, pilgrims and travellers.


Dear Saint, you have inherited a beautiful name—Christopher—as a result of a wonderful legend that while carrying people across a raging stream you carried the Child Jesus. Teach us to be true Christ-bearers to those who do not know Him. Protect all drivers who often transport those who bear Christ within them. Amen.

An alternative version

O Glorious St. Christopher you inherited a beautiful name, Christ-bearer, as a result of the wonderful legend that while carrying people across a raging stream you also carried the Child Jesus. Teach us to be true Christ-bearers to those who do not know Him. Protect all of us who travel both near and far and petition Jesus to remain with us always. Amen.


Often called the Motorist's Prayer:

Grant me, O Lord, a steady hand and watchful eye, that no one shall be hurt as I pass by. You gave life, I pray no act of mine may take away or mar that gift of Thine.

Shelter those, dear Lord, who bear me company, from the evils of fire and all calamity. Teach me to use my car for others' need; nor miss through love of undue speed the beauty of the world; that thus I may with joy and courtesy go on my way.

St. Christopher, holy patron of travellers, protect me and lead me safely to my destiny.


Dear Saint Christopher, protect me today in all my travels along the road’s way.

Give your warning sign if danger is near so that I may stop while the path is clear.

Be at my window and direct me through when the vision blurs from out of the blue.

Carry me safely to my destined place, like you carried Christ in your close embrace.


Reliquary Statuette of Saint Christopher, Toulouse, c. 1375-1425

Reliquary Statuette of Saint Christopher, Toulouse, c. 1375-1425

Jesus our Master, Walk with us on the Road


Jesus our Master,

walk with us on the road

as we yearn to reach the heavenly country,

so that following Your light,

we may stay on the way of righteousness

and never wander in the horrible darkness of this world’s night

while You, the way, the truth, and the life,

are shining within us.


Prayers for Safe Air Travel


Dear God, please protect me as I am about to embark on this journey.  I have peace knowing that You will guard me against danger during my travels. Keep me safe, O Lord, and warm me with Your loving embrace. May You deliver my fellow travellers and I safely to our destinations.

In the Name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit, Amen.


O Holy Mother of God, our Lady of Loreto, patroness of aviation and air travellers. We come to thank you for all the graces and benefits bestowed on us. Full of trust in your powerful intercession, we fly to you, begging for your maternal solicitude and care. Listen to our supplications for the success of this flight and all the flights we may undertake. Do bless the pilots, the flight attendants, the technicians, and all of us, passengers, placed under their care. As we piously believe that your house in Nazareth was borne by angels to Loreto, so may you also bring us all safely to our destination here on earth and to our final home in heaven. Amen


O humble St. Joseph of Cupertino, your gift of levitation during prayer made you the patron of air travellers, pilots and astronauts alike. I pray that all travellers may reach their destinations safely. I pray especially for [mention your intentions]. Amen.

Ethiopian Airlines 787-8 named 'Mother Teresa' Photographed at Singapore Changi Airport, April 2023

Ethiopian Airlines 787-8 named 'Mother Teresa' photographed at Singapore Changi Airport, April 2023

There is a long standing convention of giving names to ships, and many aircraft are also given names. The Ethiopian Airlines 787-8 dreamliner aircraft registration ET-ATI is named 'Mother Teresa' in honour of Saint Teresa of Calcutta.

Immaculate Queen of Peace, pray for us.

Immaculata Regina Pacis, ora pro nobis.